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Chakra Balancing Solfeggio Frequencies, Healing & Meditation  

FREE DOWNLOAD! 4th Chakra - Green Open Heart Bliss 528hz & 639hz (for a limited time!)

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Sound ॐ Love ❤ Alchemy☿ - Chakra Balancing Solfeggio Frequencies - Healing & Meditation

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It's the "good for everything" song... feeling down?  need an emotional boost? having bad dreams? heartache? need a peaceful atmosphere?  want to calm those around you?  This song magnifies unconditional love vibrations and creates an auditory and vibratory environment for your heart to entrain to the frequencies of Love, Peace and Balance...

1st Chakra - Red Earth Rooted Harmony 396hz

2nd Chakra - Orange Sensual Sacral Flows 417hz

3rd Chakra - Golden Sonic Solar Flame 528hz

4th Chakra - Green Open Heart Bliss 528hz & 639hz

5th Chakra - Indigo Higher Truth Vox 741hz

6th Chakra - Violet Universal Eye Space 852hz

7th Chakra - White Full Spectral Crown 7 Solfeggio Frequencies

Are you ready to move energy through your body, meridian and Chakra systems, just as easily as relaxing to some meditative music? As you listen, you are being immersed in healing and balancing frequencies from the Intelligent Reciprocal Universe.

The Heart Songs Media Collective....Shylo Love & Haley Love have together with the guidance and direction of the omnipotent Universe, manifested some of the most incredibly powerful sound healing and balancing music available! The music is infused with high fidelity recordings of the Solfeggio tuning forks, imbued with reconnective healing frequencies, and also the vibration of Love and Gratitude.

Each song was played by human hands, was not predetermined, prewritten or preplanned. The music was brought forth from where it existed previously in the Universe into our dimension through letting go and allowing the intelligent musician to play through the Heart Songs Media Collective team. The collective set an intention for this music... for the divine wisdom of the Universe to be enacted for each individual listener... that the best possible outcome of healing and balancing be decided upon by our ultimate healing energy of intelligence or Universe, God, Source ... then all intentions released with trust... and so it is... that the best outcome for you is what you will receive while you listen and open yourself to the frequencies.

The result is powerful healing melodies, pure tones, harmonies and new frequencies that effect transformative change on the body, mind, emotions, connecting you deeply to your spiritual and infinite self. Move stagnant emotional and mental blocks out of your life, clean your temple so that energy, light and information freely flow to you and through you, connecting you to your awakened objective higher consciousness... while you relax to our meditative Chakra balancing and healing Frequencies... find peace and harmony in all areas of your life... just by relaxing, releasing, allowing and listening.

We love you with all our Frequency....

Sound ॐ Love ❤ Alchemy☿


Friday, 06 August 2010 10:18

Authentic Sacred Jewelry and Talismans

Written by

My friend David makes the most beautiful and sacred healing jewelery I have ever seen!

Sacred Symbols for Healing, Self-Balance, and Unity

Masterfully Crafted from the Heart of an Artist
David Weitzman My name is David Weitzman, and I’m a cosmic jewelry artist. My biggest inspiration in designing sacred and symbolic jewelry comes in knowing I can impact people’s lives. My work harnesses the power of spiritual symbols and sacred geometry from around the world to bring those wearing my sacred jewelry happiness, vitality, excitement, and love. My jewels are painstakingly crafted to work on conscious and subconscious levels to inspire people’s lives.


Flower of Life Golden mean spiral Gordian Knot Merkaba prana Seed of Life
Flower of Life Golden Mean Spiral Christ Conciousness Tree of Life Vesica Pisces


Shylo LoveShylo is now available to be booked for Tuning Sessions on Sundays and Tuesdays each week at Wholistix in Red Deer, Alberta! ( www.Wholistix.ca )

Call Wholistix to book an appointment.

2085 - 50th Ave, Wholistix
Red Deer, AB

Ph: 403-346-3393
Mon - Sat 10-7 Sun 10-4

If you would like a tuning any other time, Shylo can be booked for home visits at any time by calling 403-829-6677 or by contacting her through this website.

Session length of time range depending on the need of the client, anywhere from 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes and are conducted fully clothed on a massage table. Please let Wholistix know how long to book you in for. Sessions begin with an affirmation, clearing of the energy fields with a crystal and crystal tuner and use of the “OM” tuner (which is calibrated to the vibration of the Earth year).

The “OM” tuner, helps slow the mind to the Theta brain wave state, to take away the stresses of the day and assist in the mind allowing the healing facilitation. The “OM” tuning is followed by the specific tuning based on what the client needs. A basic tuning can assist in opening energy centers and raising the client’s energy level from survival to optimum vitality.

The Energy Scanning Technique is used to assist in finding and clearing out energy blockages from past events that the client is ready to release. Reiki, Ho’oponopono are used intuitively as needed on each individual depending on the intent and needs of the client.

All tuning stimulates the nervous system to respond by entraining to the tuning forks.

During a tuning many fall asleep, many will twitch, some find that they feel what is likened to “a whole body orgasm” and still others feel very little or have effects the days following a tuning. We recommend that you drink extra water and give your body nourishing foods and ample sleep as the effects of a VIbrational Reiki Tuning continue for several days following the initial treatment.  Visit www.OMMMReikiMi.com for more info on Vibrational Sound Healing & Reiki.

Download Brochure HERE

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Ancient Solfeggio Healing MusicShylo LoveDownload Songs or Buy CD from my Store!

My new album is being created with 639hz coming soon, then 741hz and 852hz remaining, however, I currently have 4 new songs I'm offering for download now before the album release.


1 - "Total Intention - 6 Ancient Solfeggio Healing Frequencies" - This song was composed for Intention Alberta 3.  "Practice Heaven" It uses all 6 of the original ancient Solfeggio frequencies.  396hz, 471hz, 528hz, 639hz, 741hz, 852hz (If you were at Intention Alberta 3, then contact me about getting a free copy)

2 - "396hz - Righteous Roots" - This frequency is used on the Root Chakra, it's colour is Red, it's Reiki symbol is Cho Ku Rei and it has a nerve calming effect, imbuing confidence.  The Mayan day of it's creation inspired me "I Dissolve in order to Beautify, Releasing Art, I seal the Store of Elegance, with the Spectral Tone of Liberation, I am Guided by my own power doubled"

3 - "417hz - Sacral Flutescapes" - This frequency is used on the Sacral Chakra, it's colour is Orange, it's Reiki symbol is Sey He Ki and it has a 'go with the flow' feeling.  It is ideal for facilitating emotional healing.  This is flute played by Haley Wilson, a most beautiful and talented musician, mixed with 417hz, rainstorms with thunder and rushing water.  A nice meditative track for undoing situations and facilitating change.

4 - "LoveOM - 528hz & OM - FREE DOWNLOAD" - This frequency is used on the Solar Plexus Chakra, it's colour is Gold, it's Reiki symbol is the Hon She Ze Sho Nen and it emits pure Love vibe! My first solfeggio music song remix available free using 528hz and OM.  It is for facilitating Love, Transformation, Miracles and DNA healing.

COMING SOON!  - 5 - "639hz - Heart Connected" - This frequency is used on the Heart Chakra, it's colour is Green, it's Reiki symbol is Tibetan Dai Koo Myo.  For healing relationships, heart connections, opening and clearing of the Heart Chakra and synchronizing your heartbeat to the frequency of the Heart-mind which emits some 5000x more powerful electromagnetic energy then your head-brain.

6 - "9 - Endings & Beginnings" - This is all 9 of the frequencies mentioned below with soothing piano music. Nine's hold energy of attainment and completion, but with that closure, we understand we are also faced with renewal. There is no ending without a beginning (Latin word for nine is novem which shares its root with novus, meaning 'new').

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